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Rules & Discipline


  1. Before Assembly, from the first bell onwards there must be perfect silence inside the school building.
  2. After the first bell students should not be found talking, playing or loitering in the compound.
  3. Moving along corridors and changing of classrooms between the periods must be done in silence and in order.
  4. It is forbidden to write or scribble on the walls, desks or to dirty the classroom or damage any school property. Fine will be imposed on defaulters.
  5. Students will not be allowed to leave the school premise during the school hours without the permission from the Principal.
  6. Students should not quarrel with each other inside and outside the class.
  7. All students must take part in the school games and other activities.
  8. Students are advised to keep the classroom and the school premise very neat and clean.
  9. Every student shall have with him/her the textbooks and the notebooks required for the classes. No books, news papers, periodicals & CD’s other than the school books must be brought to school.
  10. Students are not allowed to bring two/four wheelers into the school campus. Bicycles are allowed. Students are expected to obey these rules and failure to do so will invite disciplinary action.
  11. Inattentiveness, indifference towards any subjects, discourtesy towards any member of the staff, or any act, which affects the discipline of the school, will be viewed seriously and can lead to suspension as well as dismissal from the school.
  12. Students should come to school in proper, clean and correct uniform. Boys are not permitted to wear low waist boot cut trousers, skin tight pants/ shirts,
    trendy designs, cotton jeans, pencil fit pants, loose baggy pants, bell bottom pants… etc(Trousers should have double pleats in the front)
  13. Students are not allowed to wear high heeled, canvass, sports shoes, slippers and sandals.
  14. Students in proper shabby uniform will not be permitted to attend regular classes or write any examinations.
  15. Girls are advised not to wear tight jeans – pants or skirts to school.
  16. Students are advised not to use any sort of make ups.
  17. Food should be brought only in the tiff-in boxes. Food packed in aluminium foil, plastic sheets, banana leaves or any kind of paper is not allowed in the school.
  18. Students are advised not to bring / use glittering powder in school.
  19. Students should enter the school premise after 8.30 a.m. only.
  20. Students are advised not to bring / distribute sweets, toffees, and chocolates in the school on their birthdays or any other functions.
  21. Students of one class/section are not allowed to be in any other class/section even during intervals.
  22. Students are not allowed to bring razor blades or other sharp instruments to the school.
  23. All are expected to speak English always, at school, in the school bus and in the hostel.
  24. Speaking English is mandatory. Violators will be strictly dealt with.