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General Directives

  1. The school hours are from 8.30 am to 4.00 pm
  2. Students must bring their diary every day.
  3. No child suffering from any contagious or infectious disease will be allowed to attend the class or any examination.
  4. Leave is granted only on sound reasons and that too on application by the Parent /guardian.
  5. Students who are absent for SA1/SA2 or the Terminal Examinations for any reason, other than sickness supported by a doctor’s certificate, will be considered failed in that particular examination.(Applicable for classes I to VIII)
  6. Results will be published at the end of the academic year on the notice board.
  7. The uniform must be clean and proper.
  8. Nails must be trimmed. Nail polish and Henna (Mehndi) are not allowed.
  9. Girls must plait their hair into two and tie with black ribbons / hair bands.
  10. Girls are advised not to use eyeliners.
  11. Students must not wear any kind of ornaments but girls can wear only one pair of small studs.
  12. Boys must cut their hair according to the school norms.
  13. Students are not permitted to bring cell phones, cameras, I-pods, MP3 players, pendrives, CD’s and other electronic gadgets to the school. If found, it will not be returned.
  14. Watches are not allowed till Std. V – Students of Std VI and above can use simple watches (without fancy)
  15. No toys, mobile phones or play materials must be brought to school. Exchange of money or any other transactions are not allowed among students.
  16. Students are responsible for the safety of their belongings. School will not be liable for the loss of their belongings.
  17. Rs 50 each will be charged for the loss of ID card, Diary & Library Card.
  18. Parents are expected to co-operate with the school authorities in enforcing regularity and discipline of their wards and inculcating the habit of hard work
    and systematic learning.
  19. Parents are advised to go through the student’s diary for any information from the school and also check their notebooks and see whether their children are doing their home work noted in it.
  20. Parents should inform the school about the change of their address if any.
  21. Nobody is allowed to meet the teachers other than the specified time without the permission from the principal.
  22. Parents/guardians should meet their wards or enter the school premise only with the permission of the authorities.
  23. All communications (request, complaint) made by the parents/guardians should be addressed to the principal and not to the class teacher. All
    correspondence from the school to the parents will go through the principal.
  24. Parents/Guardians should refrain from making any unnecessary remarks about the staff members in the presence of their children.
  25. Parents are requested to be present for the Parent’s Teacher’s Association (PTA) whenever it is held.
  26. Transfer Certificate at the request will not be issued unless the entire fee for the particular academic year is paid off.
  27. Fee once remitted will not be refunded in case of cancellation of the admission.
  28. School is not responsible for any loss of fees receipt.
  29. After paying school fees, check all the details written in the fees receipt and confirm it before leaving the counter.
  30. Parents are advised to check their wards textbooks, uniform materials etc. received from the school store before leaving the school compound. Any complaints received later will not be accepted.
  31. All articles like tiffin boxes, umbrellas etc should be marked with name, class and division. This will help in returning the articles to the respected owners.
  32. From 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. parents vehicles are not allowed to enter the school compound.
  33. Application for all kinds of certificates should reach the school office at least 15 days prior to the requirement.
  34. Parents can propose suggestions for the improvement of the school. Suggestions should be put in the suggestion box It will be given due conside- ration by the school authorities.
  35. Admission tickets for Board Examination will not be issued without clearing the dues.
  36. Parents are requested to come and sign the progress report on the specified day itself.
  37. Late comers will not be allowed to go to the class without meeting the principal.
  38. Parents and students are strictly prohibited from entering the staff room.
  39. Parents are requested to read the rules carefully and see that they are being followed. Please note that the rules are subject to modification for the interest of the students and the school.
  40. School based continuous comprehensive evaluation for the students of the Secondary stages The Board has introduced the scheme of continuous and comrehensive evaluation for the students. It is intended to provide a holistic profile of the learner through assessment of both scholastic and coscholastic
    time in the school. It helps to identify those positive attributes of the learner which are not usually assessed during the examinations conducted by the
    Board. It is spread over a period of two years in class IX and X and provides several opportunities for the school to identify the talents  evaluation/assessment will be sent to the Board for the final approval.
  41. Pass criteria
    1. In order to be declared as having passed the Examination a candidate shall have to obtain a grade higher than E (ie) at least 33% mark in all the Five
      subjects of Board’s external examination besides obtaining a grade higher than E in all areas of internal assessment unless he/she is exempted.
    2. No overall division / distinction will be awarded.