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To the Parents

General Info

  • Parents are requested to be in contact with the teachers regularly. At least once in a term they should meet the teachers in person, but on no account are they allowed to go to the classrooms and meet the teachers during working hours.
  • Parents are not allowed to meet the students during class hours, without the permission of the Principal.
  • Reports of students, their conduct, Punctuality, progress in studies, marks in the monthly tests and terminal examinations are indicated from time to time on the pages of the Handbook. Parents are requested to take note of these reports, to duly sign with date and to take necessary remedial action. An interactive website has been created for Mount Bethany schools, where the parents will have pesonal access to all th e details of their wards regarding their progress in study, behaviour, attendance, etc…. No parent should fail to attend the class-wise Parent- teacher get together and open house meeting after the terminal exams, the date of which will be duly communicated to the parents.
  • Parents are requested not to compare a child with another as the students are of different backgrounds, abilities and interests.
  • It is quite natural that at times children may take complaints to their parents concerning school matters. Parents are to bring such cases to the notice of the Principal or the class – teacher before coming to a hasty judgement.
  • It is upto the parents to bring to the attention of the Principal and the teachers their child’s habits or traits of character or any other matter that needs special attention and care.
  • Parents are to see that they do not withdraw their children from the classes for mere social functions, as a rule, so as not to break the continuity of study which is essential for progress.
  • All the activities of the school are envisaged and executed in the best interest of the students. Hence parents must see that their children actively take part in all the school activities setting aside all other consideration.
  • All the parents are requested to co-oprerate with the school to liberate our children from the slavery of tuition.