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Our School

Late Archbishop Mar Ivanios

Late Archbishop Mar Ivanios,
Founder of Bethany Congregation

Mount Bethany English Higher Secondary School is an institution run by Bethany Fathers, a well known religious community founded by the great educationist, Late Archbishop Mar Ivanios. The Bethany group of institutions have always cherished and nurtured “His Dreams”. We believe in providing innovative educational methods that will enable every student to be an emissary of change.

Today we promote not just academic excellence but holistic education . Our school provides a conducive environment for physical, social, spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth.It offers guidance in critical thinking, social openness and enhances purposeful research. Students are given opportunities to develop their innate talents as well as to be aware of national and global issues.

We believe in encouraging our students to assimilate good values that will guide every student at Mount Bethany to fulfill their hopes and aspirations. We aim to mould them into proactive citizens.

Mount Bethany Schools

Mount Bethany group of Schools consists of two unaided, recognized schools under two different Boards of Education,namely, Mount Bethany English Higher Secondary School situated at Mylapra, Pathanamthitta under the Kerala State Board Education and Mount Bethany Public School, Senior Secondary school, situated at Kumbazha , Pathanamthitta, affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education , New Delhi. Both the Schools are owned and managed by Navajeevan Province Of Bethany Ashram, a Monastic Order , Order of the Imitation of Christ (OIC) . The Provincial is the Manager of the Schools.

A Brief History

Mount Bethany School was started in 1977 as an unaided English Medium School recognized by the State Government of Kerala as a minority educational institution. The outstanding academic record consistently maintained by the school under the SSLC Board and its achievements in the co-curricular activities ever since its inception

has made it one of the most reputed schools in the state. It was later upgraded to Higher Secondary School in 2002 with Science – 2 batches and Computer streams in standards XI and XII

Our Objectives

As a Bethany Institution , the school regards education as integral to the formation of the human person for the fulfillment of one’s individual and social responsibilities.

The school aims at forming leaders who are intellectually competent, spiritually mature,morally upright,and socially acceptable ,who are open to growth and will champion the cause of peace,truth and justice. We also encourage our children to respect life and uphold human dignity. Our students also are promoters of National Integration and protectors of the poor and the marginalised.

The school is open to all students irrespective of caste or creed; they are accepted and cherished as they are and helped to grow in their cultural, social and religious tradition.

Our Motto

  • The CROSS, the symbol of universal love and the message of brotherhood.
  • The BOOK, represents the source of knowledge.
  • The LOTUS, our national flower, which symbolizes the source of happines, peace and harmony.
  • The LAMP, represents the source light which is very essential to eradicate the darkness of ignorance.
  • VERITAS VOS LIBERABIT means “Truth shall liberate you”, a Bible verse from John’s Gospel 8/32